DIDI'S PIZZA - "Distinctly Prepared. Deliciously Perfect."

What Will It Be Today?*

Ready to order? We've got your homegrown favorite Pizza & Tacos, your absolute must-have Pizza Burger & Fries. Care for some classic old school Chili & Cheese to round off your perfect meal? There's Chicken & Spaghetti, Ribs & Salad, Canton, Lumpia, Mongolian & Sisig like tomorrow never knows. But wait, there's more :)*Here to view our full menu.

How to Order

Got phone? Call us. Online? Click on.For phone orders/delivery: Call (045) 331-5558 / (045) 892-1184 / 0975-880-6488 / 0921-998-0411/ 0961-553-1498For online orders/delivery: Try any applicable local food courier you like: Mangan, Pabilis, Go2guy, Maxim, Gogomove— to name a few.How much? View our full menu.

Yes, We Are Open*

For those who must ask, because, hey, we get it: Welcome to the "New Normal."Yes, we are open daily from 10AM to 11:30PM. Find us at MacArthur Highway, Dau, Mabalacat (in front of Mcdo & Wilcon depot) See: Location Map.We are open for dine-in— or 'safer dining' (to be more precise) at 70 percent capacity, as officially prescribed. Yes, all kids, all ages, now all welcome.We are open for takeout and curbside pickup, too— same time, all week-long.We are open for delivery, Monday to Sunday, starting 10AM onwards.*Follow our Facebook page in case of changes & for the latest updates.

Do We Deliver?

Yes, we deliver: Anywhere within Clark, anywhere in Dau and in Mabalacat (all barangays), and anywhere in Angeles City— except barangays Sapangbato, Sapalibutad, and EPZA Pulung Cacutud :'(Minimum Order. For a full list of our delivery areas w/ their respective minimum orders: click here.

Didi's Pizza Menu

How to order? Easy, click here.Do we deliver? Yes, we do, click here.*Note: We accept cash-only payments. Also, all prices subject to change w/o prior notice.PIZZACheese
-baby (6 slices): P174
-medium (12 slices): P267
-large (16 slices): P328
-baby (6 slices): P180
-medium (12 slices): P274
-large (16 slices): P336
-baby (6 slices): P180
-medium (12 slices): P274
-large (16 slices): P336
-baby (6 slices): P180
-medium (12 slices): P274
-large (16 slices): P336
-baby (6 slices): P180
-medium (12 slices): P274
-large (16 slices): P336
-baby (6 slices): P181
-medium (12 slices): P279
-large (16 slices): P342
-baby (6 slices): P181
-medium (12 slices): P279
-large only (16 slices): P342
Cheese + 2 ingredients
-baby (6 slices): P188
-medium (12 slices): P307
-large (16 slices): P377
Pizza Sisig
-large only (16 slices): P409
-baby (6 slices): P198
-medium (12 slices): P325
-large (16 slices): P409
Chili: P129
Chili w/ Rice: P136
Chili w/ Cheese & Onions: P140
Chili w/ Rice, Cheese & Onions: P152
-w/ fries: P178
-w/o fries: P138
-w/ fries: P185
-w/o fries: P145
Pizza Burger
-w/ fries: P196
-w/o fries: P154
French fries only: P90Extra Mayonnaise: P20
Extra Catsup: P20
Grilled Cheese: P59
Ham: P72
Ham & Egg: P76
Ham & Cheese: P88
Ham & Egg & Cheese: P94
SALADSGreen Salad: P113
Slaw: P108
Chef Salad: P168
Potato Salad:
SOUPSBatchoy w/ Egg: P109
Batchoy: P101
DINNER & SNACKSServed w/ dinner roll & butter plus your choice of the following dinner items:
-French fries
-Green Salad
-Plain Rice
-Cole Slaw
Fried Chicken Dinner
-plus 2 dinner items: P289
-plus 1 dinner item: P268
Barbeque Chicken
-plus 2 dinner items: P289
-plus 1 dinner item: P268
Barbeque Ribs Dinner
-plus 2 dinner items: —
-plus 1 dinner item: —
Barbeque Ribs Snack
-plus 2 dinner items: —
-plus 1 dinner item: —
SPAGHETTIRegular Sauce
-w/ salad: P147
-w/o salad: P124
-student portion: P86
Meatballs Sauce
-w/ salad: P153
-w/o salad: P132
-student portion: P89
Extra Garlic Bread: P42
Extra Cheese: P44
-w/ extra noodles: —
Pancit Bihon: P154
-w/ extra noodles: —
Pancit for Two: P183
Chopsuey: P154
Shanghai Lumpia: P144
Sizzling Sisig: P224
Mongolian bbq w/ rice or bun: P154
Pork Fried Rice: P140
Garlic Rice: P72
Plain Rice: P43
DRINKS(In Can) Coke/ Diet Coke/ Royal/ Sprite: P61
Cali Shandy: P67
Coffee: P54
Iced Tea: P58 (Pitcher: 174)
Milk or Chocolait: P62
Calamansi Juice: P61
Pineapple Juice: P66
Four Seasons (Fit 'n Right): P61
Orange Juice: P61
Mango Juice (Gina): P66
Mineral Water: P46
Beer (Pilsen/ Lemon/ Apple): P73
Red Horse (stallion): P73
SMB Light: P79
1.5 Coke/ Sprite/ Royal/ Mt. Dew: P155

Delivery Areas & Their Minimum Purchase*

TLDR: We deliver anywhere within Clark, anywhere in Dau and in Mabalacat (all barangays), and anywhere in Angeles City— except barangays Sapangbato, Sapalibutad, and EPZA Pulung Cacutud :'(*Note: There is no delivery charge. In-house delivery is free. Prices listed below merely indicate our minimum purchase, or the smallest amount that may be ordered in one dispatch.DAU/MABALACAT CITY-Lakandula: P500
-Dau Homesite: P500
-Samsonville: P500
-Pineda Subd: P500
-Barangay: P500
-Filipiniana: P500
-Duquit: P500
-Camalig: P500
-Pamintuan: P500
-Dona Maria: P500
-Dona Maria: P500
-Don Cornelio: P500
-Dona Anicia: P500
-Lemens: P600
-Mabiga: P600
-Golden Land: P600
-Green Meadows: P600
-Casmor: P700
-Sto. Rosario: P800
-San Francisco: P800
-San Joaquin: P900
-Dolores: P900
-Sta. Ines: P900
-Poblacion: P800
-Duquit dulo: P700
-Xevera: P900
-Mawaque: P700
ANGELES CITY-Diamond: P500
-Don Pepe: 500
-Don Gueco: P500
-Mt. View: P500
-Don Bonifacio: P600
-Fields Ave: P500
-Sta. Maria 1: P500
-Sta. Maria 2: P500
-Josefa 1: P600
-Josefa 2: P600
-L&S Subd: P900
-Clark View: P700
-Villasol: P900
-Abacan: P500
-Marisol: P600
-Malabanias: P600
-Hensonville: P700
-Pamana: P700
-Sto. Entierro: P700
-Pandan: P700
-Mining: P900
-Nepo Subd: P800
-Belen Homesite: P700
-Villa Angela: P800
-Villa Dolores: P900
-Villa Leoncia: P1200
-Palmera Homes: P1200
-Paradise: P1000
-Timog Park: P1000
-Carmenville: P1000
-Sunset Valley: P1000
-Trinidad Village: P1000
-Pulungbulo: P800
-Mangga Rd: P1000
-Timog Residence: P1200
-Essel Park: P1000
-Clark Ecozone: P1200
-Friendship: P1000
-Plaridel 1: P700
-Plaridel 2: P1000
-Sta. Teresita: P600
-Virgen delos Remedios: P600
-Jake Gonzales: P600
-Henson St: P600
-AUF Hospital: P700
-Lourdes Sur East: P700
-Lourdes Northwest: P600
-Sto. Domingo: P800
-San Jose: P700
-Bagong Bayan: P800
-Villa Theresa: P800
-Villa Angelina: P800
-Villa Rosario: P700
-San Nicolas: P600
-Salapungan: P700
-Claro M. Recto: P600
-Agapito del Rosario: P600
-Villa Gloria: P800

Friendly Reminders

We are not a fastfood restaurant. We prepare orders only as they come. If you are in hurry, it is best to first inquire about our preparation time.Also: 1) Some menu items may not be available for delivery. 2) We accept cash-only payments. 3) All prices subject to change w/o prior notice.Thank you for choosing Didi's Pizza.#didispizza #dplove #bookmarkthis!